Monday, December 28, 2009

(the angels wanna wear my) red shoes

EHHHH, sorry for the lame title. I tried to compensate by posting the video...

However, what isn't lame are these RED wedges I got at H&M today! I'm super pumped about them.
Not sure what I'm going to pair them with yet, but I imagine that they'd make a simple dress look stunning. I don't know if people actually read our blog, but if you've been following, you'll notice that all I seem to blog about is either (a) Emma Watson or (b) things that are RED.

Speaking of red, I'm super bummed that I STILL haven't been able to find a pair of red olympic mittens :( Actually, I bought a pair last week at Southgate (I arrived at the Olympic wear section only to find middle-aged ladies savagely grabbing like, 10 each. f&ck off.) and being the only pair left, they were an L/XL! LAME! So I gave them to my father and re-commenced my hunt for these mittens. Obviously, everyone & their grandmothers have these now but I'd still like a pair (so that I can match everyone at the Olympics.. ha ha ha, nawt) - cammmmon... they're RED!!! CAMMONNNNN.
image via google: olympic red mittens

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Call me Pocahontas, but..

I've been on the market for some moccasins for quite some time but hadn't found a place that sold nice, comfortable, & affordable ones + I haven't been inside a mall in months (it was probably for the better), and I finally got a pair today!

Minnetonka ankle hi-tramper boot (image via Gravity Pope)

Okay so when I went to google image these boots, several images of Kate Moss & Nicole Richie popped up wearing different variations of these boots. Kate Moss wears the black front lace knee-high ones EVERYWHERE... I guess Minnetonka is kind of a big deal in the moccasin-shoe-world, apparently?! Yikes, I missed the memo!!! (confession: school & extracurriculars 24/7 provides little time to keep up with fashion. Especially moccasins.) -- anyways, they are INSAAANELY comfortable. Probably won't be wearing them very much this winter though... cuz if I did, it would be a death-wish for these boots.

I also got these Steve Madden loafers, because (contrary to popular belief) loafers are the sh&t. They may be old-people shoes, but they are kind to my feet. And at only $30 (regular: $110) - how can you go wrong?
(and a belated Merry Christmas)

Sadly, it's a materialistic holiday (you get presents on Christmas & then you go buy yourself some MORE things the day after), but whatever... Confessions of a Shopaholic.. in Edmonton = story of our lives. The holidays aren't really complete without going boxing day shopping... amiright!?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

new addiction - my ultimate time-killer/procrastinator/i wanna go window shopping but it's too f&cking cold outside/outfit inspiration/-website. you can browse through their extensive designer wardrobe, pick a model, and dress her up with accessories! it's impressively life-like. it's like paper-dolls... but on crack!

instead of studying this weekend, i styled some outfits instead! find me on looklet:
marieclare -- let's be friends :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Pardon my French.... and pardon my inexcusable absence. It's been a whirlwind of a semester!

Last month, my friends & I flew over to Boston to attend the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Conference. The timing of it couldn't be more perfect as it was during the weekend of fall break & Remembrance day! WHAT A TRIP! some highlights:

- Anthony's Townhouse = sketch.
- Some of the speakers on the panels that I got to listen to: CEO of Disney Anne Sweeney, President of Magnolia Bakery Bobbie Lloyd Petracca, Zulema Griffin (from Project Runway), & President/CEO of SweetRiot Sarah Endline -- LEGIT!
- stumbled upon a Johnny Cupcake store, and met JOHNNY CUPCAKE himself!
- "Haaaaaahvaahhhd"
- Scorpion Bowls -- anyone who goes to Boston needs to go to this place called "Hong Kong" & have one of their infamous Scorpion Bowls.
- clam chowda
- UNO snack hours
- partying with the locals
- Fenway Park
- Hyatt's free breakfast!!?!?!?!?!?!.... FREE????
- FALL LEAVES!! (beautiful fall season there. it's legit, too. Unlike quasi-2-week "fall" here)

On the second last day of our trip, my friend and I also had a chance to visit her friend who lives in Providence. He gave us a tour of Brown campus, which is absolutely GORGEOUS. It looks like the story-book ivy league typical college experience. The running joke was that I was going to Providence to stalk Emma Watson... little did I know....

Before heading to Brown, we grabbed some lunch, bought hoodies, and candy to bring back home with us. Incidentally, when we started walking towards campus, class had just ended and so I had a chance to oogle at everyone's cute fall outfits. Then, we crossed the street and walked through this tunnel of some sort and in the distance a petite Hermione-looking blonde girl walking and talking............. could it be?... was it actually?... couldn't be............ HOLY SH&T! My eyes went real big and couldn't help but gawk at Emma Watson walking right past me (with a tall lanky male friend) -- OMFG. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!! I didn't get a picture because it all happened so quickly and I was caught completely off guard. My friend's friend (who was showing us around campus) had told me not to get my hopes up because people who've been going to school there for 4 months have never even seen her before and he had only seen her twice. She's so naturally pretty in person (even if she always look like she's scowling). Hair tied back, dress, tights, and a blue scarf. We made eye contact, but it might've just been because we looked like goons trying not make a scene hahaha.

But anyways, NBD, I saw Emma Watson & now my life is complete.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Confessions of a in Edmonton

Look how happy she is..and warm as well!

So sometimes I catch myself thinking about the next outfit I can wear or what I can purchase online to get just a bit closer to the fashion world. Then I snap back to reality and realize that noone here probably cares. However.... Ms. Jane Aldridge DID get invited to the Crillon Ball and gets to wear Chanel! Carly, Ree, and Bev we've wasted too much time idling. We need to take some pictures quick. Anyways, it's useless trying to plan an outfit around a mountain co-op equipment backpack and a down-filled winter coat. It's been UGGS and leggings as of late and there is a limit to how many long shirts/sweaters one has.

I refuse to give in to the UGG's this winter (but they're so cozy and convenient). I want fashionable hiking boots from TODS (from Neiman Marcus) but then I need a sweet jacket to match...then a purse. So where can I find all these things? I want cheaper high-end goods and the only solution I can think of is shopping online and consignment?

Shopping Online:
1) There's this site I found called To be honest it looks sweet at first glance but then you realize that authenticity can never be guaranteed and shippers are from all over the globe. I saw a cute fushia miumiu bag but then she was shipping from "singapore". RED LIGHT. lol. Being asian gives me this natural distrust towards the Asias. You never know if anything is real these days.
2) Neiman Marcus ships to Canada. Net-a-Porter doesn't have much of a selection. These places have old-lady-looking stuff as well. Guaranteed Authenticity is a plus
3) Love the I love perusing through it because everything is priced down by 50-60%. Mind you, sizes are limited and styles are 'soooo last year' but who cares? 3.1 Phillip Lim is timeless no matter the season. This is a site that I trust. You can zoom in on the item and it's shot at all these angles. "Oooh it's racerback...very nice". Brands from Chloe to Alexander McQueen are featured but don't expect a lot of products for your desired designer. We're getting a little closer...
4) Kijiji. com....don't even bother!! Kijiji in Edmonton sells UGGS, Aldo shoes, and Keds last time I checked. Ya, no thanks, I'll go to the Bay for those.

1)Vespucci's is all you need to know. There's a couple other consignment around that area aka. Highstreet but they overprice items like Diesel and Parasuco. Vespucci carries everything from Club Monaco sweaters to Tahari pant suits. I am still in search for Ferragamos in my size. My mom snagged a beige pair dare she.
2) If I am being ignorant, please inform me of any other sweet consignment stores in Edmonton
3) Oh I forgot! My mom's closet is where I've been shopping. Anyone who's mom wants to give away her clothes, let me sort through them first.

1) H&M-probably the best thing we got
2) Winners on Calgary Trail- they sell D&G, M Missoni, R.E.D Valentino..notice all the acronyms? Pink Tartan? I love it all though..but this sweater from M Missoni I wanted was $600...eeyeaaa
3) Holt cut out Marc Jacobs. Now you only appeal to ages 50+. Well done I applaud you.

Solution: We need to open a store selling The Row, Chloe, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, etc, etc,etc. Yaya I complained about a $600 sweater..but notice how we'll run the store? =discounts my friends...Places where cool hipsters can find some nice layering pieces to go look effortless chic by matching it with vintage pieces? No, not you Indie already infest (is that too harsh?) the streets of Whyte Ave.

Reality check: Can we ever be as adorable as the French? or rocker-chic as the English? or creative as the Spanish? How would you describe Edmonton style? I would say: keeping warm. Can we ever look cool writing an exam? Most importantly do we care? The answer to all these questions is NO.

I won't give up! I'll try to be stylista in this place called Edmonton, Alberta no matter the cost. Who's with me?

P.S. Good luck to my blogging buddies for Finals

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


While we're on the topic, Vogue Italia did a spread in their September Issue featuring Emma Watson!!! Seriously cannot get enough of Emma Watson; especially Emma Watson in couture, zomagaaaah. So opulent yet so classic. (Eat your heart out Miley, you will never be capable of this kind of class.)

Sadly, I couldn't find ALL of the HQ images. You should just go & Google the rest. You won't regret.

A Famine of Beauty

Okay, so I'm not entirely sure if "The September Issue" will be playing in our theaters on August 28th... it IS Edmonton after all :S But I guess if it WAS going to be shown here, Carly would've bought her tickets already. Carly, the editor-in-chief of our magazine at school (waaasssupppp Lazy Faire!), has been working her a$$ off getting OUR September issue ready for print. Confusing conversation often ensues as one of us would be referring to September Issue (the movie) & the other referring to Lazy Faire's September issue. Ridiculous hahaha.

Anyways, below is a clip of Anna on the David Letterman Show. Enjoyed her comments about his socks. Anna is capable of making a funny! Loooooove her.


Thursday, August 13, 2009


OMG.Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick featured in the upcoming issue of Elle.
The picture speaks for itself.
xoxo, Gossip Girl

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get Baked

  Pistachio Pound Cake

      White Coconut Key Lime Cake

Double ChocoRaspberry Pie

While the Gov. works on legalizing marijuana, I've been doing some baking of a different type. It has always been my dream to a.) own a bakery b.) bake wedding cakes c.) have some sort of online store that ships baked goods all over the world. Le Sigh. 

In the mean time, I'll have to settle for baking for the drones at the office (especially my manager who seems to be growing by the's not my fault I swear) 

Here's a little sample of what I've been concocting as of late.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's been a while!!

As a post-"Wearable Wednesday" & pre-"Fashion Friday"+ August creeping upon us, I can't help but drool over Fall 2009 ankle boots... OMG.

(from top to bottom) Stitched leather ankle boots, Giuseppe Zanotti; Washed denim boot; Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci; Suede zippered ankle boots, Balmain

Looove the Fall 2009/Winter 2010 of thigh-high boots too.

(From top to bottom: Emilio Pucci, Gareth Pugh, & Rodarte )
Just so you know, the look is no longer limited to the seasoned dominatrix & prostitutes

Monday, July 13, 2009

the Half-Blood Prince...

... comes out on Wednesday & really has nothing to do with this post, aside from Emma Watson.

See, I've been holding back from posting more Emma & more Fall 2009 stuff. It's summer, and we should really try and enjoy the minimal amounts of "summer" that we get here by not thinking about Fall, cuz before you know it, it'll be snowing... AGAIN! Ehhh... but it was only a matter of time until I'd cave and do another Emma or Fall post. And I've been waiting forever to post this one... because...

OMG. EMMA WATSON = The Fall 2009 face of BURBERRY.

The kohl-liner. I wish I could wear kohl-liner like her.

She's also rumoured to be designing a new clothing line for teens, with plans to donate the proceeds to UNICEF. AMAZING!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why I ♥ Vancouver: Reason #5923871064

Walking past Holt Renfrew in downtown, we saw a window dedicated to Garance Doré!!?!?!

Just got back from Vancouver this weekend; am experiencing severe west coast withdrawal! I've never actually BEEN there (family vacations+dance competitions don't count). OHHH man, I absolutely LOOOVE Vancouver (minus the PST, the inordinate amount of children, and the rain... but i can live with rain). It's a big and busy city, but still SO laid back (it must be a west coast thing) + the beach is RIGHT THERE!!! I don't know, I just like the vibe and atmosphere... not to mention that even at night, the streets in downtown are always so busy that I don't feel the need to grasp onto my rape whistle so tightly, hahaha. Plus, it's sooo beautiful by the ocean! AAAHH. Must find a way to legitimize my change of residence to Vancouver...

& Naturally, we drove down to Seattle for some shopping. TARGET = fantastic; had a field day with the Sonia Kashuk brushes (ended up getting the Coral Reef/Hidden Treasure Limited Edition Brushes)
For Love 21 (the separate accessory store for ForeverXXI) -- didn't even step in because I'd probably sell my soul. Plus, my parents were pressuring me to hurry up so that we could go find The Rack (Nordstrom Rack. If you've never been, think of Holt Renfrew + Winners. Major eye-sore but can be very rewarding when you find some good deals). Um, shoe racks made me want to cry TEARS of joy and pain...

Obviously could not leave The Rack empty-handed:
Got these Vince Camuto Victorian-inspired lace-up booties for ~$35USD

Not a big fan of pants/jeans, but considering that I live in the arctic circle for 8 months (does not make for ideal dress weather) I got some generic denim (including a black pair to wear to the office - suck it, casual Friday), and soft-leather camel coloured MIA skimmers.

Surprisingly didn't do a lot of shopping in Vancouver aside from an AA hoodie because I was being cocky about the weather (it was f&ckin' GORGEOUS) soooo I didn't bring a jacket/sweater. HOWEVER! Beverly & I hit up some vintage shops and I got me a vintage Gucci purse. It's really old though, because the lining is flaking. There's black specks all over my stuff :( WTF DO I DO!!!?!?!?!? Please advise.

Le sigh.... one day..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

L.A. Candy

Lauren Conrad promoting her new book, L.A. Candy; wearing Philip Lim 3.1

Just finished reading Lauren Conrads new book. It's about a girl named Jane, who I imagine is the fictional version of Lauren, who moves to L.A. with her BFF Scarlett -- physically described to look like Audrina, but actually very brainy (HA HA). Anyways, Lauren... I mean, JANE (actual typing error, that I decided not to correct) moves to L.A. to work for high-profile event planner, Fiona Chen, who is a straight-up b&tch (perhaps a hybrid he-woman version of Lisa Love+Kelly Cutrone); and Scarlett starts attending her classes at U.S.C. -- both girls unassumingly living their lives and ready to take on all the excitement and challenges that L.A. has to offer. Then, while out clubbing at Les Deux they get scouted by a producer from PopTV who wants to film their everyday "boring" lives for a new reality-tv show!

The characters are way too simple/predictable: Jane twirling her hair on her finger when she's nervous, Scarlett being frustrated at how idiotic everyone is because we can't all be as smart as her, Fiona Chen the difficult boss lady who pretends to be nice to Jane in front of the cameras, Jesse the bad boy who has a repuation for being Hollywood's resident womanizer but wants to change his ways and be a one woman man, blah blah. You get the point.

Plot and characters aside, you can't help but wonder if that's how The Hills was actually filmed. Actually, the main reason I wanted to read the book was to get a "behind the scenes" process of what it's like the film a "REALITY" TV show. Pretty interesting. OVERALL, this novel stayed mainly on the surface, making it a really easy read. There were lots of parts that lend themselves to further development. I mean, it was no "Devil Wears Prada", but I'll likely go & read the rest of upcoming books in what is supposedly a 3-part series. Maybe even watch the movie too just cuz (and consequently lose all my street cred, but whatev.)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

H to the M


Jimmy Choo will join the likes of Matthew Williamson, Roberto Cavalli, and Viktor & Rolf ( Yes I know I left out Madonna). Yes that's right, H&M is once again graced by fashion genius. Shoes will range from $60-$200 which is a steal right? Let's hope the ladies of Edmonton won't care to pay hundreds, because I know a couple of Edmontonian fashionistas that will be there lining up. See you there.

Monday, June 22, 2009


My FAVORITE darling fashionista is gracing the August 2009 cover of Teen Vogue!!!!
Words cannot express.
Will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I don't know why young girls can't emulate Emma Watson instead of that annoying pouty Miley-character. There's a certain grace and poise to Emma that's so intriguing. Maybe it's a British thing?

(I've got some more Emma Watson to blog about, but am trying to resist the urge to post Fall 2009 goodies ... sigh. I don't know how much longer I can wait. Will keep you posted.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beauty at La-Coste

I want one, you want one, Victoria Beckham has tons. Women create such high expectations for themselves when it comes to having the most exclusive item on the market. We've all hyped up the Hermes brand, but there's reason to. Isn't there? Waiting lists that make it seem like you've been waiting all your life to hold your own Birkin or Kelly bag, hand stitched pieces of fine leathers and croc skins, and a membership to the special world of Hermes ( I've heard that Hermes is so confident in their product that if you bring in your 10 yr old wallet that you think is too worn out, they'll replace it for you. Lifetime warranty? sweet) This all comes at a cost of let's say...a car? or a house? Depending on the style and the material you want, you're going to have to fork up at least 10G's and to some women it's worth it.

Recently however, Hermes has taken the next step into making the production of their crocodile bags more efficient and specialized with their own breeding farms in Australia. Certain parts of the body are required for certain parts of the bag ie. the head pieces are used for the handles or the bottoms. You can see how more crocodiles are required in meeting the high demand of croc bags. PETA is not pleased with this latest installation:

"PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews speaks out: The thought of purposely breeding and killing crocodiles for an outdated, overpriced handbag should make any fashionista’s skin crawl. If Hermes really wants to be a leader in the fashion industry, it should stop killing animals for cold-blooded vanity and use cruelty-free mock croc and fake snake instead."

Crocodylus Porosus skin makes the most expensive Hermes croc bags because of its symmetrical scales and it's rarity/scarcity. Doesn't this make it more cruel to purchase? Makers of Hermes bags inspect and nit pick the most flawless alligator skins. Any imperfections are unexceptable and you can see how this can be a problem with crocodiles/alligators from the wild. Hence the ideal breeding farms?

I think that luxury comes at a cost, but isn't this a little too much? Can't we stick to good ol' sealed canvas, lamb leather, patent leather...or is using leather cruel as well? Then what is considered luxurious in the fashion world? I sure don't consider Matt & Natt vegan purses as luxury (no offense). Furthermore what will PETA do if they see an Hermes croc bag? They can't spill blood on it cause i'm sure it'll repel somehow (it's so shiny and smooth). So i'm guessing they would key the purse? You know, like keying a car.

I guess I don't need to worry about pissing PETA member off anytimes soon. It's not within my budget to do so.

On a lighter note!!! This is for you CJZ in response to QUOI's first ever submission
Hermes Bike. Oh yes. Thank you purse blog.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Some softcore shoe porn for a happy Friday :)

Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 09

Click here for the rest of the collection

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Call It "Used". I Call It Vintage.

What Do You COVET?

The Weekend Guide (click me biotch)

My favorite website in the entire world (DailyCandy-you should get their A to Z book too!) posts a Weekend Guide every Thursday with fun and fabulous things to do, eat, make, buy, smell, get the point.

This week the folks at DC posted a suggestion for a consignment store called Covet. I checked it out and it is un-real. I know we are always complaining that dreary old E-town doesn't have nearly enough (read: any) decent vintage stores for us fashionphiles to get off on. Le sigh.

But I have never been opposed to resorting to the net for goodies before and I am definitely not going to start now.

Be sure to check the shoe section. Excuse me as I mop the puddle of drool that has accumulated on my desk.

ROUGE part 2

Diane Kruger at the CFDA Awards (this post is a little late) in a fantistical red mini dress by Jason Wu. A wise woman once said,"the man can do no wrong." - Carly Jane.

Love it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So since you were all sooo helpful in helping me choose a handbag (nawt!), I have decided for myself. A Louis I will have and a Speedy it will be. But with every solution stems another problem, or so it seems, so now the question is what size?

I've come to the conclusion that a baby Speedy (Speedy 25) is kinda like the default bag that someone who wants to say they have an LV buys. No offense to anyone who has one.

I believe in go big or go home. So do I get the Speedy 35 or the Speedy 40. The obvi answer is the 40 because its bigger but is it toooo big for everyday usage? The last thing I want is to look like I am constantly off to the airport or gym or something.

Quoi-t to do?

Also, and this is really important so fete attention!

LV now lets you personalize your bag. So along with the obvious LV all over the bag you can smack whatever three initials (or 2..or 1..) on the bag in a bright color that sticks out and makes the bag truly "yours" (because paying nearly $900 doesn't do the trick anymore).

But, does monogramming your monogram bag take away from the lustre of it? Or does it make it something that will forever be yours and yours only? Le Confused.

I am actually really stuck on this one so let me know your thoughts!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Do you have a favorite colour? Usually when asked "what's your favorite colour?" I tend to make something up & choose whatever everyone else is choosing for the sake of convenience, like blue. Truthfully, I'm not the biggest fan of blue! There ARE people out there who have a favorite "go-to" colour (e.g. my friends favorite colour is purple. Everything she owns is purple), but I prefer to base my "favorites" on the colours I like to wear; yknow, like... greys.. blacks... sometimes whites. Unfortunately I've been told that greys, blacks, and whites aren't "colours"... they're SHADES. Lame. So I guess aside from neutrals, red is probably the 2nd most prevalent colour within my wardrobe. Contrary to its neutral counterparts, it's bold. It's bright. It's passionate. It's vibrant. Red is the colour of happiness and prosperity, and the Chinese believe that it may be used to attract good luck! It's everything I could ever ask for in a colour and more cuz DOOD, it matches with greys, blacks, and whites like you would not believe! Rejoice. Because really, all fantastic things come in red: Red Velvet cupcakes, $50 bills (even though it's more of a pink...), beer cups, Red Hot Chili Peppers, sounding super-cool when you say, "I'm taking a red-eye to [insert destination here]", red carpets .... the beloved soles of them LOUBOUTINS!!!

I know summer's just begun, and while my body & mind believe that this hot weather is a million times better than living in the arctic circle for 6+ months, my heart truly belongs to Fall... let me show you why:

Ruffian Fall 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

Cynthia Steffe Fall 2009

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2009

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2009

Jason Wu Fall 2009

ADAM Fall 2009

Le siiigh. I should rid my mind of fall-ideas because fall signals COLD and cold is the bane of my existence (minus the fact that I get to take out all my scarves! But let's not get into that obsession). In the meantime, maybe I'll give blue a chance and diversify my wardrobe with some royal blue pieces?

Must restrain myself from posting more Fall 2009 goodies.
I promise nothing.