Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's been a while!!

As a post-"Wearable Wednesday" & pre-"Fashion Friday"+ August creeping upon us, I can't help but drool over Fall 2009 ankle boots... OMG.

(from top to bottom) Stitched leather ankle boots, Giuseppe Zanotti; Washed denim boot; Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci; Suede zippered ankle boots, Balmain

Looove the Fall 2009/Winter 2010 of thigh-high boots too.

(From top to bottom: Emilio Pucci, Gareth Pugh, & Rodarte )
Just so you know, the look is no longer limited to the seasoned dominatrix & prostitutes

Monday, July 13, 2009

the Half-Blood Prince...

... comes out on Wednesday & really has nothing to do with this post, aside from Emma Watson.

See, I've been holding back from posting more Emma & more Fall 2009 stuff. It's summer, and we should really try and enjoy the minimal amounts of "summer" that we get here by not thinking about Fall, cuz before you know it, it'll be snowing... AGAIN! Ehhh... but it was only a matter of time until I'd cave and do another Emma or Fall post. And I've been waiting forever to post this one... because...

OMG. EMMA WATSON = The Fall 2009 face of BURBERRY.

The kohl-liner. I wish I could wear kohl-liner like her.

She's also rumoured to be designing a new clothing line for teens, with plans to donate the proceeds to UNICEF. AMAZING!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why I ♥ Vancouver: Reason #5923871064

Walking past Holt Renfrew in downtown, we saw a window dedicated to Garance Doré!!?!?!

Just got back from Vancouver this weekend; am experiencing severe west coast withdrawal! I've never actually BEEN there (family vacations+dance competitions don't count). OHHH man, I absolutely LOOOVE Vancouver (minus the PST, the inordinate amount of children, and the rain... but i can live with rain). It's a big and busy city, but still SO laid back (it must be a west coast thing) + the beach is RIGHT THERE!!! I don't know, I just like the vibe and atmosphere... not to mention that even at night, the streets in downtown are always so busy that I don't feel the need to grasp onto my rape whistle so tightly, hahaha. Plus, it's sooo beautiful by the ocean! AAAHH. Must find a way to legitimize my change of residence to Vancouver...

& Naturally, we drove down to Seattle for some shopping. TARGET = fantastic; had a field day with the Sonia Kashuk brushes (ended up getting the Coral Reef/Hidden Treasure Limited Edition Brushes)
For Love 21 (the separate accessory store for ForeverXXI) -- didn't even step in because I'd probably sell my soul. Plus, my parents were pressuring me to hurry up so that we could go find The Rack (Nordstrom Rack. If you've never been, think of Holt Renfrew + Winners. Major eye-sore but can be very rewarding when you find some good deals). Um, shoe racks made me want to cry TEARS of joy and pain...

Obviously could not leave The Rack empty-handed:
Got these Vince Camuto Victorian-inspired lace-up booties for ~$35USD

Not a big fan of pants/jeans, but considering that I live in the arctic circle for 8 months (does not make for ideal dress weather) I got some generic denim (including a black pair to wear to the office - suck it, casual Friday), and soft-leather camel coloured MIA skimmers.

Surprisingly didn't do a lot of shopping in Vancouver aside from an AA hoodie because I was being cocky about the weather (it was f&ckin' GORGEOUS) soooo I didn't bring a jacket/sweater. HOWEVER! Beverly & I hit up some vintage shops and I got me a vintage Gucci purse. It's really old though, because the lining is flaking. There's black specks all over my stuff :( WTF DO I DO!!!?!?!?!? Please advise.

Le sigh.... one day..