Friday, November 27, 2009

Confessions of a in Edmonton

Look how happy she is..and warm as well!

So sometimes I catch myself thinking about the next outfit I can wear or what I can purchase online to get just a bit closer to the fashion world. Then I snap back to reality and realize that noone here probably cares. However.... Ms. Jane Aldridge DID get invited to the Crillon Ball and gets to wear Chanel! Carly, Ree, and Bev we've wasted too much time idling. We need to take some pictures quick. Anyways, it's useless trying to plan an outfit around a mountain co-op equipment backpack and a down-filled winter coat. It's been UGGS and leggings as of late and there is a limit to how many long shirts/sweaters one has.

I refuse to give in to the UGG's this winter (but they're so cozy and convenient). I want fashionable hiking boots from TODS (from Neiman Marcus) but then I need a sweet jacket to match...then a purse. So where can I find all these things? I want cheaper high-end goods and the only solution I can think of is shopping online and consignment?

Shopping Online:
1) There's this site I found called To be honest it looks sweet at first glance but then you realize that authenticity can never be guaranteed and shippers are from all over the globe. I saw a cute fushia miumiu bag but then she was shipping from "singapore". RED LIGHT. lol. Being asian gives me this natural distrust towards the Asias. You never know if anything is real these days.
2) Neiman Marcus ships to Canada. Net-a-Porter doesn't have much of a selection. These places have old-lady-looking stuff as well. Guaranteed Authenticity is a plus
3) Love the I love perusing through it because everything is priced down by 50-60%. Mind you, sizes are limited and styles are 'soooo last year' but who cares? 3.1 Phillip Lim is timeless no matter the season. This is a site that I trust. You can zoom in on the item and it's shot at all these angles. "Oooh it's racerback...very nice". Brands from Chloe to Alexander McQueen are featured but don't expect a lot of products for your desired designer. We're getting a little closer...
4) Kijiji. com....don't even bother!! Kijiji in Edmonton sells UGGS, Aldo shoes, and Keds last time I checked. Ya, no thanks, I'll go to the Bay for those.

1)Vespucci's is all you need to know. There's a couple other consignment around that area aka. Highstreet but they overprice items like Diesel and Parasuco. Vespucci carries everything from Club Monaco sweaters to Tahari pant suits. I am still in search for Ferragamos in my size. My mom snagged a beige pair dare she.
2) If I am being ignorant, please inform me of any other sweet consignment stores in Edmonton
3) Oh I forgot! My mom's closet is where I've been shopping. Anyone who's mom wants to give away her clothes, let me sort through them first.

1) H&M-probably the best thing we got
2) Winners on Calgary Trail- they sell D&G, M Missoni, R.E.D Valentino..notice all the acronyms? Pink Tartan? I love it all though..but this sweater from M Missoni I wanted was $600...eeyeaaa
3) Holt cut out Marc Jacobs. Now you only appeal to ages 50+. Well done I applaud you.

Solution: We need to open a store selling The Row, Chloe, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, etc, etc,etc. Yaya I complained about a $600 sweater..but notice how we'll run the store? =discounts my friends...Places where cool hipsters can find some nice layering pieces to go look effortless chic by matching it with vintage pieces? No, not you Indie already infest (is that too harsh?) the streets of Whyte Ave.

Reality check: Can we ever be as adorable as the French? or rocker-chic as the English? or creative as the Spanish? How would you describe Edmonton style? I would say: keeping warm. Can we ever look cool writing an exam? Most importantly do we care? The answer to all these questions is NO.

I won't give up! I'll try to be stylista in this place called Edmonton, Alberta no matter the cost. Who's with me?

P.S. Good luck to my blogging buddies for Finals