Monday, December 28, 2009

(the angels wanna wear my) red shoes

EHHHH, sorry for the lame title. I tried to compensate by posting the video...

However, what isn't lame are these RED wedges I got at H&M today! I'm super pumped about them.
Not sure what I'm going to pair them with yet, but I imagine that they'd make a simple dress look stunning. I don't know if people actually read our blog, but if you've been following, you'll notice that all I seem to blog about is either (a) Emma Watson or (b) things that are RED.

Speaking of red, I'm super bummed that I STILL haven't been able to find a pair of red olympic mittens :( Actually, I bought a pair last week at Southgate (I arrived at the Olympic wear section only to find middle-aged ladies savagely grabbing like, 10 each. f&ck off.) and being the only pair left, they were an L/XL! LAME! So I gave them to my father and re-commenced my hunt for these mittens. Obviously, everyone & their grandmothers have these now but I'd still like a pair (so that I can match everyone at the Olympics.. ha ha ha, nawt) - cammmmon... they're RED!!! CAMMONNNNN.
image via google: olympic red mittens

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Call me Pocahontas, but..

I've been on the market for some moccasins for quite some time but hadn't found a place that sold nice, comfortable, & affordable ones + I haven't been inside a mall in months (it was probably for the better), and I finally got a pair today!

Minnetonka ankle hi-tramper boot (image via Gravity Pope)

Okay so when I went to google image these boots, several images of Kate Moss & Nicole Richie popped up wearing different variations of these boots. Kate Moss wears the black front lace knee-high ones EVERYWHERE... I guess Minnetonka is kind of a big deal in the moccasin-shoe-world, apparently?! Yikes, I missed the memo!!! (confession: school & extracurriculars 24/7 provides little time to keep up with fashion. Especially moccasins.) -- anyways, they are INSAAANELY comfortable. Probably won't be wearing them very much this winter though... cuz if I did, it would be a death-wish for these boots.

I also got these Steve Madden loafers, because (contrary to popular belief) loafers are the sh&t. They may be old-people shoes, but they are kind to my feet. And at only $30 (regular: $110) - how can you go wrong?
(and a belated Merry Christmas)

Sadly, it's a materialistic holiday (you get presents on Christmas & then you go buy yourself some MORE things the day after), but whatever... Confessions of a Shopaholic.. in Edmonton = story of our lives. The holidays aren't really complete without going boxing day shopping... amiright!?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

new addiction - my ultimate time-killer/procrastinator/i wanna go window shopping but it's too f&cking cold outside/outfit inspiration/-website. you can browse through their extensive designer wardrobe, pick a model, and dress her up with accessories! it's impressively life-like. it's like paper-dolls... but on crack!

instead of studying this weekend, i styled some outfits instead! find me on looklet:
marieclare -- let's be friends :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Pardon my French.... and pardon my inexcusable absence. It's been a whirlwind of a semester!

Last month, my friends & I flew over to Boston to attend the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Conference. The timing of it couldn't be more perfect as it was during the weekend of fall break & Remembrance day! WHAT A TRIP! some highlights:

- Anthony's Townhouse = sketch.
- Some of the speakers on the panels that I got to listen to: CEO of Disney Anne Sweeney, President of Magnolia Bakery Bobbie Lloyd Petracca, Zulema Griffin (from Project Runway), & President/CEO of SweetRiot Sarah Endline -- LEGIT!
- stumbled upon a Johnny Cupcake store, and met JOHNNY CUPCAKE himself!
- "Haaaaaahvaahhhd"
- Scorpion Bowls -- anyone who goes to Boston needs to go to this place called "Hong Kong" & have one of their infamous Scorpion Bowls.
- clam chowda
- UNO snack hours
- partying with the locals
- Fenway Park
- Hyatt's free breakfast!!?!?!?!?!?!.... FREE????
- FALL LEAVES!! (beautiful fall season there. it's legit, too. Unlike quasi-2-week "fall" here)

On the second last day of our trip, my friend and I also had a chance to visit her friend who lives in Providence. He gave us a tour of Brown campus, which is absolutely GORGEOUS. It looks like the story-book ivy league typical college experience. The running joke was that I was going to Providence to stalk Emma Watson... little did I know....

Before heading to Brown, we grabbed some lunch, bought hoodies, and candy to bring back home with us. Incidentally, when we started walking towards campus, class had just ended and so I had a chance to oogle at everyone's cute fall outfits. Then, we crossed the street and walked through this tunnel of some sort and in the distance a petite Hermione-looking blonde girl walking and talking............. could it be?... was it actually?... couldn't be............ HOLY SH&T! My eyes went real big and couldn't help but gawk at Emma Watson walking right past me (with a tall lanky male friend) -- OMFG. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!! I didn't get a picture because it all happened so quickly and I was caught completely off guard. My friend's friend (who was showing us around campus) had told me not to get my hopes up because people who've been going to school there for 4 months have never even seen her before and he had only seen her twice. She's so naturally pretty in person (even if she always look like she's scowling). Hair tied back, dress, tights, and a blue scarf. We made eye contact, but it might've just been because we looked like goons trying not make a scene hahaha.

But anyways, NBD, I saw Emma Watson & now my life is complete.