Sunday, January 24, 2010

riding dirty

with salt stains on my regular winter footwear & as a semi-follow up to Sophie's post about winter wardrobing, i think it's time for some weather appropriate footwear.
currently, i've been rotating between my uggs & rocket dogs

seeing as how we probably have about 6 more months of winter left, it's still not too late to mitigate this unfortunate situation.

1. fashionable.
2. functional:
a) salt-stain resistant
b) inexpensive
($110 max, before tax.... yo i'm rhyming like it's going out of style)
c) for those rare days when it's really warm out. like, -10C warm.. and the snow starts to get a little slushy.. but muddy. these boots need to be easy to clean.
(ps - i don't think i'm "hood" enough to pull off timberlands, nor do i want to spend $300 on boots that will get really dirty anyways)

the snow outside is a serious death wish to most footwear. i'm thinking rain boots, but is that too easy?
& not that i'm planning to climb glaciers any time soon, but YO.. are Sorel boots cool? they're kind of alright..... riiight?..... cuz they're starting to look reeeeallly good to me right now. but i can't tell if it's because i'm desperate for shoes that won't get ruined in the snow OR if they're actually alright. the more i look at them, the more they start to grow on me.
left: the equestrian rain boot from urban outfitters.
right: Sorel.. i don't know what style. Torino, perhaps?

please advise!

ps - does anyone know how to get salt stains out of UGGS?

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